How We Do It


Understanding the work that people do, the things they do well and the challenges they face is an essential part of our research activity. Our diagnostic tools help us to produce a full recommendation detailing the rationale and next steps.


The design of the learning (regardless of the medium) is based on established principles and is specifically mapped to your desired outcomes. By creatively structuring the initiative to maximise the engagement of the learners we ensure that it lives long after the learning activity has been completed.


Whether it involves eLearning, Trainer-led events, Development Frameworks or any of the vast range of solutions that enhance performance, we are convinced that it is the thoroughness of our Research and Design that has earned us a reputation for delivering training that is stimulating, captivating, insightful, thought provoking and inspirational.


The whole reason why we are called Phase Four Solutions is due to the emphasis we place on the fourth phase; which involves working with you to ensure that any learning actually comes to life and actually makes a difference in a real, practical and noticeable way.

“I truly find you inspiring and someone that I could and should emulate!”
Senior Management Development Programme, International Banking, Hong Kong